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The Best Commercial Oven In Nepal


Ageno is the best commercial gas - pizza oven for restaurants, catering businesses, food trucks, hotels, resorts and for homes. It is a combination of traditional Italian, artisan methods with standardized technology, using the highest - quality refractory bricks and insulating materials. The Residential Pizza Oven is built for high performance and is compact, low maintenance that last a life time.

This oven has a stainless steel dome and a brick cooking base. It can be moved and it requires a short pre heating time. By default the residential oven is a wood fired oven however, by adding the gas burner system, it can become a hybrid oven which can run on wood, gas or both in combination. Its Gas Burner System offers a powerful and clean combustion and is manual. The system is minimal and robust.


  • Temperature reaches as high as 450˚C in only 30-40 minutes making it easy to cook a pizza in just 1-2 minutes.

  • Excellent heat retention and takes up to 48 hours for cooling.

  • Customizable aesthetics.





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